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That Ole School of Mine

Limited Edition Prints
Image Size 16" x 20"

750 Signed/ Numbered - $75
75 Artist's Proofs - $90

To Order This Print Contact
Rob Wilson PO Box 97
Nineveh, IN  46164
Phone: 317-933-5916
1780 Northwood Plaza
Franklin, IN.  46131
Phone: 317-736-9090

Original Painting Sold.



"That Ole School Of Mine", has been printed in off-set lithograph Limited edition reproductions to be sold with all proceeds to go the the Nineveh Endowment Fund. Many of you may recognize the school as "Old Hickory", the focal point in the movie "HOOSIERS". The school was torn down in the late 1980's but the spirit lives on. To order these prints refer to the information above and left.


  "Special Edition Envelope"  

Luke was also honored when the Nineveh Post Office invited him to use this painting along with designing a "special edition envelope with commemorative cancellation stamp". The Nineveh School Collectors Envelope may be obtained through the Nineveh, IN Post Office, 46164.  Phone;  317-933-2200.  It is the standard #10 envelope (4 1/8" by 9 1/2") 


All prints shipped flat.  Shipping charges are extra.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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