A giclee is an elegant, state-of-the-art reproduction that gives a vibrant color rendition of an 0riginal painting.  A result of the marriage of art and modern technology, a giclee faithfully reflects the vivid color, rich detail and lush texture of the original.

 Giclée, a French printmaker=s term for Afine spray,@ was adopted to distinguish the technique of digital printing from ordinary offset printing.  It also signifies to the art buyer that the process and materials used to create the print were intended for the fine art market.

A giclee is created by a digital printer=s tiny ink jets that spray millions of droplets of water-based ink onto fine archival paper or canvas known as the >substrate.=  The combination of specific inks and substrate are carefully selected to assure maximum print longevity.

 Giclees are produced one at a time.  Depending upon their size, this intricate printing process can take up to an hour or more for each print.  Whether fine archival art paper or canvas, the end result is always the same: a beautifully reproduced work of art with the look and feel of the original painting.


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