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Becks Mill

Printed from an Original 15" x 20"
Reproduction Size: 12" x 17"
Giclee on Paper

100 Signed & Numbered - $125.00
10 Artist's Proofs - $150.00

Log #9898-GP

Original Painting Sold




Beck's Mill, found in the rolling hills of Washington County, on Becks Mill Road just a little southwest of Salem, Indiana, was originally built in 1808, then re-built in 1864 after a fire.  Mills like this are in the mainstream of the AVanishing America@  that lives in the hearts and memories of people in similar communities throughout the country.  This painting  is the way the mill looked when I painted it from a photo I took back in 1981.  The mill was all but falling down when in the mid 2000's the family heirs of George Beck generously donated the property to AThe Friends Of Becks Mill@,  a non profit organization.  They, along with thousands of volunteers, the local community, and a billionaire philanthropist, took enough interest in preserving their history to totally restoring this beautiful landmark.  Today steeped in history the mill is fully functional and  is a favorite stop for visitors & tourist in Indiana.


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