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Big Red

Printed from a 20" x 30"
Watercolor/Gouache Painting
Original Painting SOLD

Reproduction Size 14" x 21"
Giclee' on Paper
100 Signed & Numbered $165.00
10 Artist's Proofs: $198.00

Log #2011


About this Painting


Trees amaze me, I love looking at them, smelling them and feeling them, or just standing under them and hearing them interact with the wind, but most of all, I love to paint them. Each tree type has it's own characteristics or branch growth, but even within these variations each tree, just as humans, has it's own personality. So often while traveling the back roads in search of painting subjects, for whatever reason, a particular tree will seem to stand out, and say, "Look at me!", These are the ones that inspire me to paint, this is how Big Red affected me. Actually, in this painting, Big Red could be in reference to the tree, or the barn, or the tractor in the barn .


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