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Biker Chicks

Printed from a 10" x 15" Watercolor/Gouache Painting
Original Painting Available $1,850.00


Reproduction Size: 10" x 15" Giclée on Paper

 100 Signed & Numbered:

10 Artist's Proofs:

Log #1801


This is one of those paintings an artist paints especially for themselves. One summer afternoon I could hear a little extra chatter of birds around the bird feeder just outside my studio door. My motorcycle was sitting nearby and the birds were investigating it throughly. I grabbed my camera and took a few snapshots fo the humorous gathering of the small birds around the chrome eagle mounted on the front fender. The title came to me first, then I just couldn't resist doing the painting of the, "Biker Chicks:. My wife Coleen and I rode motorcycles most of our life, from trail bikes in the early years to finally evolving to the road bikes in our golden years. We had taken several long road trips througout the country and rode until we were in our mid 70's, then decided we were done. Now, we have the painting, giving us endless memories of the good old days on the road. I was especially honored when this painting won an award at the Kentucky National Wildlfe Art Show in Henderson Ky.


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