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Strength & Security

Printed from a 30" x 40"
Watercolor/Gouache Painting
Original Painting SOLD

Reproduction Size 16" x 21"
Giclee' on Paper
100 Signed & Numbered $190.00
10 Artist's Proofs: $228.00

Log #1501


About this Painting


I have passed by this beautiful old tree and church in the town of Sprunica, in Brown County, Indiana for years, and have always been in awe of the mighty strength and security emitted by their presence. Although I have taken many photos through the years to use as reference, I used a photo I took about 30 years ago to do this painting from because the rustic metal roof, textures in the old wood on the building, and the gnarly tree, tells a better story, plus makes a much more interesting painting subject. Today the church is actually in much better appearance than in this painting as the congregation has well maintained, repaired, and up-kept it with continual use. Lasting for over 100 years the old tree is gone now, but the strength, security, and faith, that I feel from the church, and my memory of the mighty old tree, will last in my heart forever in this painting. 


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