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The Leaning Tree

Printed from a 11" x 14"
Watercolor/Gouache Painting
Original Painting SOLD

Reproduction Size 11" x 14"
200 Signed & Numbered $90.00
20 Artist's Proofs: SOLD OUT

Log #2016


About this Painting


I'm certain there are hundreds of stories that can be told of this beautiful, powerful old sycamore tree.  It ominously leans across Airport Road, in Johnson, County, Indiana, a little south of Franklin, as it has for well over 150 years. Because of the way it leans across the road touching another mighty tree on the other side, some of the local youth's call it the "kissing tree", which does romanticize any fear someone may have while passing under it.   Some of the stories from local residents about the old tree go back to the horse and buggy days, the tree is a local historical landmark. Recently officials recommended the tree to be removed after discovering the deteriorations within. This news breaks the hearts of many folks who have past under this tree so many times for generations. I have always been intrigued by the leaning tree and every time I  passed under it,  I would mention to my wife Coleen that I may paint it someday, she always says, "You'd better do it now".  She was right. Artistically the scene was a natural composition, and a pleasure to paint. I was so happy I got to preserve it in a painting before it disappears forever.


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