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Grandpa Buck's Cabin

Printed from a 15" x 20" watercolor painting
Original Painting

Reproduction Size: 11" x 16" Giclée on Watercolor Paper

 100 Signed & Numbered:

10 Artist's Proofs:

Log #9914-WP


I could write a book about this old log cabin.  I spent many of my childhood days here visiting with my Grandparents.  My Dad, Grandpa, and a few uncles built this cabin back in 1937.  At that time this was the wilds of southern Indiana.  They cleared the land by hand with axes and cross-cut saws, and hauled the logs from the woods with mules.  The cabin didn’t=t even have electricity until I was 12 years old, let alone plumbing.  I could illustrate that book with paintings that my Dad, my Brothers, and myself have all done of this place through the years.  This old cabin was built with love, and still stands today, still in the family . . . although modernized.


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