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The Pelican Man
AKA The Pelican Whisperer

Transparent Watercolor
& Gouache

Image Size 15" x 30"

Price Unframed:


Log #1230-Riv

Not Available as a Print




Back in 1989, along the pier beside the bridge crossing the Halifax River at Ormond Beach, Florida, I was taking photo reference shots to do some paintings of the pelicans that gather there. I notice an old fisherman approaching form a distance watching me inquisitively. Gradually he moved closer stopping from time to time seemingly cautious as to not disturb the session. I heard a pleasant chuckle and looked up to notice a broad smile on the weathered face of the friendly old gentleman.

"Are they talking to ya?" the old timer asked in a slow southern drawl.
"No sir, not talking yet." I replied. "Did they ever talk to you?" I asked.
"Yep, they've talked to me," he said he said with a tilted grin & a nod.
"What did they say?", I questioned.
Leaning slightly more forward, and lowering his voice to a gravely mimicking sound, he proceeds, "Well, they said, 'Ya got any mullet?' "

His chuckle then became full laughter, as did mine.



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