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Red Ringers

Northern Cardinals
(Original Watercolor/Gouache Painting - SOLD)

Image Size 11" x 17"

Giclee CANVAS Edition (Un-Mounted)

100 Singed & Numbered: $140.00
10 Artist's Proof:                 $168.00

Log #GC-0634

Giclee PAPER Edition
(Image size same as above)

100 Signed and Numbered: $ 105.00
10 Artistís Proofs:                 $1

Log # GP-0612


Outside my wife Coleen's kitchen window is this old farm bell.  Each day she enjoys the changing of the guards of the variety of birds as they stop by to investigate.  It not only works as a great visual point for them, but also creates a whole new format for paintings with each variation of bird, or different time of day, working together to give new composition for a painting.  The Cardinals always steal the show with their bright red color accenting every season.

All prints shipped flat.  Shipping charges are extra.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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