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(Rufous-sided Towhee)
(Original Watercolor/Gouache Painting $1,650 - SOLD)

Size 11" x 14"

Giclee CANVAS Edition (Un-Mounted)

100 Singed & Numbered: $120.00
10 Artist's Proof:                 $144.00

Log #GC-1102

Giclee PAPER Edition
(Image size same as above)

100 Signed and Numbered: $ 90.00
10 Artist’s Proofs:                 $10

Log # GP-1102


One day last week I looked over my shoulder to see this beautiful little bird that I have never seen before, visiting with the parade of birds feeding just outside my studio door. Quickly grabbing my camera, I was lucky to get several shots off before it flew away. Upon researching my field books I find it was a “rufous-sided towhee”, and to my surprise it was listed to be a common and year round resident in our area. Now how did I miss this one all these years!?

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