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Not A Feeder

House Finches
(Original Watercolor/Gouache - Available, click here)

Image Size 10" x 14"

Giclee CANVAS Edition (Un-Mounted)

100 Singed & Numbered: $114.00
10 Artist's Proof:                 $136.00

Log #GC-0612

Giclee PAPER Edition
(Image size same as above)

100 Signed and Numbered: $ 85.00
10 Artistís Proofs:                 $102.00

Log # GP-0612


I remember my Grandpa, Albert Ginsberg, making this old post lamp while I was a kid back in the 1940s.  He was a tinner and boilermaker at the Beech Grove Rail Road Shops just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Grandpa was very handy and skillful and would often make or build many things that were completely unaffordable to purchase for a man with a large family back in the thirties and forties.  The old lamp has stood the test of time and still remains today.  Although now only displayed on an old post as yard sculpture, the House Finches investigate it with its resemblance of a feeder.  I use it occasionally as a prop subject in some of my paintings.

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